Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Atlantic City & Roxy

Sunday & Monday we spent at Atlantic City.

The ocean was beautiful, though the beach and boardwalk were covered in trash. It was sad to see.
My favorite store in the casino was Jake's Dog House. They had great prices for their location!
There we bought this new magnet for Ellie.
Roxy came home today! As you can see, she made herself right at home. She is snoring on the sofa while I type this.

The shelter was calling her an Australian Shepherd mix. I really don't see that. Her coat is like a Labrador's coat and she is the size of a Dal, with a few small black spots scattered about. So we are guessing Lab x Dal. Any other ideas?

Later I will get photos of the back of her ears. They match Luther's ears.

She goes to the shelter's vet on Thursday for a dental, bloodwork & chest x-ray. They are worried about a heart murmur. Hopefully it is nothing serious. No matter what, she has a home for her golden years.


Jules said...

I am glad she is settling in and you had nice weather for your get-away!

penni said...

Another gold star, Holly and Leonard. What you do for the old ones -- one at a time -- is awesome.