Thursday, March 25, 2010

A good day for Troy

For those of you who know my sweet boy also know he is "special"... in a "Troy Special" kind of way. Troy is afraid of children, hates pavement and basically is very happy to be a homebody. For the record, I am not his breeder and he is neutered. Troy has been placed twice, and returned twice. He seems to hate anyplace but our home. And here he is very, very happy and sweet. He is "special" and we adore him.

Troy does like going for car rides, as long as he stays in the car and comes home. He is very happy that way.

Tonight I met Leonard for dinner at the truck stop while he was passing through and Troy, Roxy & Sabrina came along. After dinner, Leonard had to give me something out of his truck and I went to take a dog with me to walk across the parking lot. Troy wanted to go! So I put him on a leash, and walked him with Roxy across the parking lot! He was HAPPY! This may seem as no big deal for 99.9% of the dogs out there, but if you know Troy you know that this is a big deal. Walking back there was another driver heading to the building at the same time and Troy was more hurried to get back to the car, but all in all he handled the excursion very well.

I am so proud of him!


Dawn said...

Thats great. It is hard to have a reactive type dog and it is such a treat when they are happy and willing.

k9krazy10 said...

Those moments are the best! Way better than a dog show ribbon. :-)

Jules said...

That's awesome,Holly. Yay, Troy!!

Sharrie said...

There are good, happy people and good happy dogs. Thanks for the story about two of them.