Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good girl, Roxy!

Roxy went to the shelter's vet today for a dental, bloodwork & chest x-ray. Everything is fine, especially now that she is 13, not 12. Bloodwork normal, slightly enlarged heart (nothing to worry about), and worn down teeth. Pretty good news for an old dog with a shady history of vet care. (The neighbor had her spayed in 2007 at the age of 10).

She is such a happy dog and I am so glad we have her. She still has a lot of sparkle in her so I hiope we have her for several years to come.


Taryn said...

Glad to hear she's in good shape! May she have many more healthy years! She's very lucky to live out her senior years with you!

chrystal said...

She's a gem. So glad it went well, I had no doubts...congratulations. I love her! Auntie Sage

Jules said...

Yay, Roxy!