Friday, August 19, 2011

1st Daily Puppy Walk-About Adventure

This morning after breakfast, but before their early morning nap, the puppies had their 1st walk-about adventure in the big yard. Yesterday afternoon they had their 1st taste of going up and down the porch ramp to the patio-stone dog yard. On that adventure some were more daring than others, but all in the end made it down the ramp and had a good time. Sailor and one of the blue girls said, "Oh wee! Digging holes is AWESOME!!!! We LOVE dirt!!!" LOL It was very cute and they were very, very dirty!

Today they all raced down the ramp into the dog yard. When I opened the gate to the big yard, 2 of the blue girls leaped onto the grass. Where ever they end up, their owners are going to have FUN with them! :-) All but 3 of the other puppies also tumbled out into the yard, Bart, DQ and Sailor had a bit of a hard time problem solving how to get out the gate as I walked to the back of the big yard. Sailor eventually figured it out on her own, DQ and Bart, needed my help.

The pack of puppies, 3 big dogs and I walked 3 laps around the big yard getting the pups some much needed exercise. Hopefully with these daily walk-abouts they will start to develop some muscle tone in their chubby little bodies, LOL. They all still had enough energy after the walk-about to follow me running back up the ramp and into their pen on the porch. Now most are happily sacked out sleeping, except for that go-go-go blue girl who never stops ;-)


Jules said...

What lucky puppies!!

Holly said...

What fun!! :-) Wish I was there.