Monday, August 15, 2011

New Labeling

Ok because it takes way too long for me to figure out which puppy is which by their markings, and by the time I figure out which one it is I'm looking at I've forgotten what behavior made me look in the 1st place, I labeled them with string collars as such for easier reference and quick ID:

Bart the boy has no collar

Blue #1 has no collar either
Blue #2 is royal blue
Blue #3 is gold

Hook is blue & red
Arrow is yellow
Spot is red
Necklace is brown
Bracelet is light blue
Sailor is green
DQ is navy blue

1 comment:

Gillian said...

Oh puppyvision!
Does this mean I actually have to WORK at work???

I must have passed you Holly, I was on the thruway passing thru Albany yesterday....

Your house must seem soooo quiet!!!