Saturday, August 6, 2011

The reason for the puppy cam not being on today is they made their first excursion outside!

My long-time dog friend, Mari, came over and she stacked the puppies for their photo shoot. Yes, I need a new camera... As you can see, some have been more cooperative than others. This was their very first time on the stacking box. We will be practicing this week!

The boy - Mari called him Captain Bly!

Blue #1 -

Blue #2 -

Blue #3 -

DQ -
Hook -

Necklace -

Sailor -

Arrow -

Bracelet -

Spot -


Renay Crooker said...

Looking good!

Jules said...

Very cool! I think Arrow is my favorite so far!

penni said...

I agree with Jules -- you can keep Arrow :-)

Dawn said...

Arrow is darling, but, you could send Necklace my way..... very cute pups!

chrystal said...

Holly, I just delight in catching them on cam each morning. THIS is by far a very special litter!