Monday, August 15, 2011

The Puppies have gone to Camp!

Katrin here writing about the puppies' newest life adventure: For the next 4 weeks they'll be spending their time at Camp doing all sorts of fun stuff!

Yesterday Holly, Leonard and Snickers drove the babies all the way from New York to Massachusetts, about a 3hr car ride, where they screamed half the drive (but I say they learned an important lesson that all their new owners should love- the screaming doesn't end the car ride, being quiet does), for their delivery at Camp.

Upon arrival the puppies got to explore their new digs on the deck and eat lunch. There were new toys to play with, new surfaces to walk on, a tunnel to run through, a mirror to look in, a mini-dog walk to walk on and all manner of fun things to do. I'll be changing up the items in the puppy pen about once a week so that they have new things to explore and be exposed to.

Around 1pm, Julie and John arrived to begin the afternoon's puppy party! Teri, Bill and Brees joined us later after a long drive from Maine! We all hung around, played with puppies and ate dinner until near 6pm, and had a great time. It was wonderful to see everyone and the puppies loved it as well.

After everyone had gone home, I brought the puppies inside to the indoor pen by my large picture window, fed them dinner and put them to bed. They were happy, tired and content to spend the night sleeping.

This morning we all got up at 5, and I put the puppies on the deck to quickly clean the pen, but as it started raining, I brought them back inside, dried them off, fed them breakfast and played with them for a bit. The wore themselves out eating and playing for a good hour and are now happily snoozing again. Sleeping puppy piles are incredibly adorable! :-)

Today the puppies' have a big day planned- a visit with Dr Cheryl the chiropractor, my father is stopping by to visit and do some house repairs, and my aunt and 2 young cousins will probably stop by to visit the pups as well.

I will update the Visions' blog on the puppy adventures throughout the next 4wks and you can check out my own blog for some of their goings on as well.


Jules said...

Looking forward to updates! :)

Holly said...

What a fun time we had visiting yesterday. Boy, my house is empty! Thank you Katrin!