Friday, December 19, 2008

And it has only just begun...


coopercreek said...

Looks like the cardis are having a blast.

Anonymous said...

Cardis do love their snow, don't they?

We are supposed to get up to six inches of snow tomorrow--although we'll see if it really happens. On Wednesday they said we'd have a blizzard and all that really happened was that it rained...all day long.

a corgi said...

just found your blog; your dogs are all so cute!!!! we have a Pembroke; he used to love to frolic in the snow when we lived in Montana

Susan said...

Woohoo! Snowy Corgis trapsing all around. How much snow did you get?

Here in PA we got ice and 40 knot winds. I think I would prefer the snow, I know Tucker and Lulu certainly would.

Hope the puppies had fun in the deep snow! And hope Leonard is safe on the roads.


Holly said...

Oh they love this stuff! These photos were with about 3". The storm lasted 3 days and we have about 18" I think. At least I have power and the dogs had fun so no complaints!

a corgi: thank you! Glad you found us!

Susan : Stay safe with that horrible wind! With ice added too - YUCK. That is no fun.

Leonard didn't get home until Sat afternoon but he was safe- that's what counts!