Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Six things that make me happy...

I was tagged... so here it goes!

1. My husband and friends! I know my life would not be so wonderful without you all.

2. Group Placements. Yup - still flyin' high on Luther's win this past weekend.

3. My dogs. Could not imagine my life without them.

4. Horses. They have always been my first "love" critter wise. We will have them again when we move to Tennessee. There is nothing like the smells of the barn, the feel of their velvety muzzle or holding your hands under their mane on a chilly day.

5. Music. The best way to get in a good mood is to put on some favorite music and SING! It is good for the soul.

6. A nice evening going out to dinner. Love being waited on. LOL!

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