Thursday, December 25, 2008

Who they would be... tag you're it!

Jinnie of Solistice tagged us in a new blog game. We have to think about who each dog would be if he/she were human (personality wise), in general or as a specific person.

Tristan (8 yrs old) - He's The Grinch. He is getting grumpier as each day goes by. Don't play on his mountain! Everything is HIS. He steals food and scrounges any chance he gets. (I love him dearly anyway.)

Sabrina (5.5 yrs old) - She's The Queen from The Princess Diaries. She rules with a firm but fair paw. She loves her children and demands respect from her subjects.

Troy (4 yrs old) - No doubt about it, he is Rainman. Absolutely happy only in his environment, on his set schedule and is extremely intelligent. Otherwise he is neurotic.

Luther (2.5 yrs old) - He's Riley Poole from National Treasure. Good looking, intelligent but an over grown goof! No matter what, everyone loves him!

Destiny (2.5 yrs old) - She is Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries. A lovable spazz who will be your best friend.

Chloe (21 months old) - She is Maria from The Sound of Music. Loves everyone, especially puppies. In turn, she commands love and respect from everyone she meets.

Snickers (11 months) - Hands down, Zuzu from It's A Wonderful Life. The sweetest doggy daughter you could have.

We are going to tag Julie, Katrin and Emily. You're it!


a corgi said...

this is cute!! I saw it in another corgi journal! I liked your descriptions of your dogs relating them to movies! great descriptions of them!!

hope you had a nice Christmas day


Jules said...

Oh....I am going to have to think on this one!!

Katrin said...

Oh goodness this is hard. I don't know that many people!