Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good Girl Bette!

I had to share a great email I received from Kris Jansen last night:

On Saturday, December 6, at the Riverside K9 Center CPE trial in Nashua, NH, Bette earned her final Level 4 Jackpot Q to complete her Level 4 Strategy title as well as her complete Level 4 title.

She also received her 3rd Level 5 Colors, her 3rd Level 5 Wildcard, her 4th Level 5 Snooker Q’s.

She is now: Visions The Marked Woman OAP OJP CTL4.


Jules said...

Go Bette!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bette!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what all those but I can tell it is a wonderful accomplishment. Congrats.

Holly said...

These are all classes in CPE Agility. They are a great organization where the trials are FUN! They offer several games as well as the standard and jumpers.

Plus the ribbons are usually very nice!

For more information, here is there web site: