Sunday, December 28, 2008

The new addition!

Sorry folks, he's not a puppy. Introducing Patriot! He is a Crowntail Beta. Leonard bought him for me since we lost Frosty during the ice storm due to lack of heat. My friend, Julie, has a friend who is a fish enthusiast. He told her that most Betas sold are 6 months old. Seeing him in Frosty's 2.5 gallon tank, I can see that he is still a juvenile. He should be very impressive when grown.

This is a very bad picture of Frosty, but it is the best I had. I was incorrect on how long we had him. Going by my photo records, we bought him in August 2005, not 2004. So he was probably 3 yrs 10 months when we lost him. I guess he still had a good life for a Beta. I miss him... We may have to set up a second Beta tank and bring home another white.


a corgi said...

welcome to your new addition!! hoping he adjusts well to his new home

Happy New Year!


Jules said...

He's beautiful, Holly!! and Patriot is a great name for him with all of his colors.

Donna said...

Great name for your Beta. I'd get another one too if I could keep him somewhere warm in the house. Your blog is looking great.

Donna said...

Your Blog looks awesome. I love how you change the backgrounds for the seasons/holidays. I'm still a "tard" with my blog.

Traci said...

Betas are beautiful fish...! :) Patriot is lovely, and a wonderful new addition that you won't have to scoop up after as often ;-)