Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ice Storm - Evacuation 101

On Thursday and into Friday, we were hit by a record ice storm. We lost power at about 3am Friday morning. The roads were horrid, downed trees everywhere. Our house is in the woods and I did not dare let the dogs in their main outside yard as the ice laden branches were breaking off left and right. So far, Thank G-d, have not damaged the house as far as we can tell.

Last night was bitter cold (teens) it felt like a scene from Little House on the Prarie. We dragged our mattress into the living room, and slept front of the fireplace. We were up every two hours to stoke and poke the fire. When daylight finally arrived, Leonard called NYSEG to find that the estimate for our power to come back on will be 6 am WED MORNING!

Where do you go with 7 dogs and 4 cats when you must evacuate? Thank goodness for my sister in law Susan in Syracuse. She just purchased a big house this year and has the room for us to move in with her for a few days. I am writing this from the comfort of her warm livingroom.

Our vehicle is a Ford Ranger extended cab pickup with a cap on the bed. Our local coffee shop was open, Bless their hearts, running on generators , so we could get coffee and sandwiches. We went to the local truck stop and picked up a 12 volt heater that we plugged into the lighter and was able to give heat to the bed of the truck.

Back home to pack up the critters. 7 dogs and 4 cats. Clothes for a week. I grabbed all the files for the dogs so I had health records. Then I started to gather the cats. Put three in a crate. Smokey was hiding. He knew something was up. This normally affectionate kitty was not happy. When dislodged from his hiding place, he attacked both Leonard and I, and was under our bed, unreachable. We had to leave him behind - with food, water, clean box. I pray he will be ok.

Then went to take our Beta fish so he could go spend the week at my groomer's shop as she had power and heat. Too late. He already died. I had him for over 4 years and I feel so horrible. I left the goldfish in their tank. Since they are cold water fish they should be ok.

Start packing the truck. A 300 Varikennel with cats, next to another 300 with Snickers. Two 200s with Darla and Magnet facing them. Expens, food, duffle bags - all nicely packed. In the cab of the truck I had the four older dogs (Tristan, Troy, Sabrina & Chloe). All loose, all on their best behavior. They know something is up and are very well behaved . Drive to take Leonard to his Tractor Trailer and start the 2.5 hour trek to Syracuse.

We're here. Wer're safe and warm. We're exhausted. Will write more another time.

To all of you stay safe!


Jules said...

oh Holly. Thank gods you are all okay. I just lost my 4 yo Betta. A friend of mine is a big fish person and he said 4 yo is actually 6 months past their life expectancy so I should feel he had a good life. I am sorry you lost him.

Hang in there. I hope Smoky is okay, too.

Katrin said...

Glad you made it ok.

Sherilyn said...

Glad you made it safely...stay warm!


StubbyDog said...

Thank goodness you have somewhere to go. I hope they get your power on quickly! Hugs to you all.

Susan said...

Brrrrrrrr Holly!

I sure hope it doesn't stay real cold!!!! I too am glad you, Leonard, and the family had a place to go.

I remember a very early November snow storm from when I lived in Cleveland. Branches were falling left and right and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Just hunker down and stay under cover. I lost a corner of my roof and a huge Maple tree in that storm.

But what I remember most was how truly helpless I felt. Let's hope the power comes back sooner than later and the weather cooperates in another direction - warmer temps so pipes don't freeze.

Susan (in balmy Philadelphia where it is supposed to be 64 degrees today!)

Holly said...

Thanks everyone - will make another update soon. Luckily the temps should be above freezing rest of the week so praying the house stays together!