Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

The weather has been very crazy here in the Northeast. I am going to recap the month of December for our area of New York:

12/12 - The ice storm and no power for 4 days.

12/19-21 - Three constant days of snow for a total of 18".

12/28-29 -Heat wave! The temperature was in the high 50s. Needless to say, we lost all the snow. This equates to lots of lovely mud .

Last night, 12/30, was bitter cold and today we received another 7.5" of snow. With the cold, the roads are still messy since the salt doesn't work too well. The low tonight is +5F, but wind chill will make it below zero.

Tonight, we're home. There is a nice fire in the fireplace. The dogs are all milling about, playing with their toys and having fun. What more can you ask for?

Happy New Year everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Holly!
Kristine and the Oregon Cardis

Sherilyn said...

Have a very Happy and Warm New Year!

Hugs! See you in April!


a corgi said...

that is some weather you have been having!! I like how you are enjoying your evening; seems like a great place to welcomein the new year!

Happy new year!


Mielikki's Hunt said...

I SOOOO do not miss NY weather. . .it is sunny and warmish out, no snow on the ground, and hopefully we'll get a breeding today :P